Tom Tarpey’s gracious nomination comments. Thank you, Tom.

“Eight weeks from tomorrow, on March 26th, we will have our next town-wide election. Among other races and issues, we will be casting our ballots to fill two open seats on the Select Board. This will not be pro-forma. It seems we will have the good fortune to have three highly capable candidates running to fill those two seats. Because each of the candidates has a unique, personal perspective on Town government, this election cycle will, hopefully, be enriched by a well-informed discussion of the challenges the Town will face over the next ten years and how we should prepare ourselves to meet them.

I am happy to nominate Terri Ackerman, as candidate for the Select Board. I have known Terri as a neighbor, in Conantum, and as a fellow member of the Finance Committee, where we overlapped, for three years. Her good humor, thorough analysis and incisive questions, on every issue coming before the FinCom, were the ideal for FinCom participation. She has also served the Town well in her role as a member of the Community Preservation Committee, of which she is currently chair.

I recommend you all visit the website for Terri’s campaign, found at, and read her resume to see the depth of experience she has had in municipal government in Massachusetts. Once having done so, I believe you will agree that Terri Ackerman possesses the mixture of clear innovative thinking and experience in Town government that will make her an exemplary member of our Select Board.

It is a pleasure to nominate her, as candidate for the Select Board, and I urge you all to join me in electing Terri Ackerman.”

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