Concord Resident Endorsements

Terri and I served together on the Concord Finance Committee. During those years I came to observe her as a thoughtful and creative member of a committee that often has to deal with contentious issues. Terri is a wonderful listener, an attribute that will serve the Select Board well! Once all sides of an issue were clear, Terri would usually suggest a course of action which would serve the town well. I encourage all in Concord to support Terri’s candidacy. She will be a positive voice in the governance of our town.
— Walter Birge

Terri Ackerman is, by any standards, qualified to be a member of the Select Board. Terri asks good questions and listens to the answers. Terri has publicly stated that she is committed to environmental sustainability. I believe her on this because I have seen and enjoyed her wonderful nature photography and know that she truly appreciates our natural surroundings. While she has a solid sense of financial and management principles, I know that we can rely on her to honor Concord’s sustainability principles and apply them to town decision-making.
— Bob Andrews

From my perspective as a co-chair of the Long-range Plan Committee that produced Envision Concord: Bridge to 2030, I can see that Concord faces challenges that require careful planning and new approaches to address some of the issues and tensions that inevitably result from changing demographics and trends. Terri possesses a vision for the future of Concord and holds values that are aligned with the priorities identified in the Envision Concord plan. I believe that Terri will serve the Town well in her role on the Select Board by listening to all perspectives and applying her vision and values to the task of planning for Concord’s future. 
— Gary Kleiman

I am happy to nominate Terri Ackerman, as candidate for the Select Board. I have known Terri as a neighbor, in Conantum, and as a fellow member of the Finance Committee, where we overlapped, for three years. Her good humor, thorough analysis and incisive questions, on every issue coming before the FinCom, were the ideal for FinCom participation. She has also served the Town well in her role as a member of the Community Preservation Committee, of which she is currently chair. Read the Full Introduction made at the Town Caucus
—Tom Tarpey, FinCom Chair

I have known Terri Ackerman as a neighbor for many years. Since she moved into our neighborhood she has joined the Conantum or Kalmia Woods Board and served in several duties including as President for several years. She is enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable, kind, and professional. Terri also cares deeply about the environment. Her background of serving in administration in five towns for over 25 years gives her the experience to understand processes in government. She is going to be able to fulfill her duties as select board member efficiently and professionally.
— Regine Ryder

Terri … brings the unique experience that a Select Board candidate seldom has…. She is aware of the difficult issues faced in running a town and creative ways of solving them…. Terri is concerned about preserving the special character of Concord, environmentally, historically and culturally,and working toward a balance between our town’s excellent schools and town services and the need to keep property taxes reasonable enough to sustain a diverse population. Terri is enthusiastic and involved in her work on Concord’s town committees and willing to take on new responsibilities. I believe Terri will be a strong and effective Select Board member.
— Nancy Cronin

Terri has been an active and energetic member of our Conantum community’s board and has broad municipal experience that will serve her well on the Select Board.  She has dedicated her professional life to public affairs.  As an advocate of affordable housing in Concord, I have appreciated her support and advice regarding the best ways to make that happen in our town, in a process that is transparent and accountable.  Thoughtful and open to new ideas, Terri works hard to understand all sides of town issues like affordable housing, and I feel this quality would contribute to her success on the Select Board.
—Holly Darzen

“I support Terri Ackerman for the Concord Select Board.  Having worked with her when she was President of the Kalmia Woods Corporation (I have succeeded her in this role), I can state unequivocally that she is a person of unshakable integrity.  This is perhaps the most important quality to look for in someone running for public office.  She is also experienced, energetic, fair, and generous to others.  She carries out her responsibilities with good humor.   Our town will be well served to be able to count on her leadership in this role.”
—Chris Nicholson

“I had the privilege to second the nomination of Terri Ackerman for the Concord Select Board. I want to emphasize one of the main reasons I am recommending a vote for Terri.

She will hit the ground running.

Understanding state and local municipal process and policy are critical to performing your duties effectively…Terri understands how the town manager and Select Board work with the finance director and the Finance Committee which is so important in maintaining a sustainable town. Concord will have a new town manager this year, so these attributes are critical.” Read the full letter to the Concord Journal
—Cynthia Rainey

“I think that Terri will make an excellent Select Board member. I respect her intelligence. I admire her organizational skills. I value her professional experience and the relevance of the Town committees she has chosen to serve on. I have seen her enhance teams both as a leader and as a participant. She brings both idealism and pragmatism along on her quest for the common good, not simply listening but inviting all voices to be heard, and bringing her wealth of practical knowledge to bear as we address the challenges of these times.”
—-Sallie Satterthwaite

“Along with actively participating in the civic life of our town, Terri has given unstintingly to her local neighborhood as well, serving on the Conantum Board of Directors including four years as president.  As a neighbor I can attest to her attention to detail, her thoughtfulness, and her ability to listen proactively. On CCTV, Terri hosted a program called Who Cares? That’s an easy question to answer. Terri Cares. I heartily endorse her for Select Board.” Read the full letter to the Concord Journal
—-Hester Brooks